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Living Short Term Rentals: The Things You Need to Consider

In an increasingly globalized and connected world, with travel times cut short to within hours across many thousands of miles, people find themselves traveling more and often, for both leisure and business purposes. Yet, they grow weary of the traditional hotels, which are sterile, crowded places at best.

Furnished short term rentals, however, offer a wonderfully welcoming and comfortable alternative, allowing you to feel at home anywhere in the world, even if you are on a mere week long business trip. Not just any short term rental would do though, so here are some things you should consider before you choose one:

Matters of Privacy

Hotels, even the best of them, are rather impersonal spaces, and they offer little privacy beyond the sanctuary of your room. Step outside, and you run into a multitude of people hustling and bustling about, and things can get pretty uncomfortable in a short period of time. If you cherish your privacy, make sure you get a short term rental that offers you exactly that, so you can best enjoy your travels.

The Cost Consideration

While still cheaper than hotels for trips shorter than a week, short term rentals can prove to be far less expensive compared to hotels if you are staying for a month or longer, particularly when you are traveling with your partner. Short term furnished rentals can offer far more amenities, in addition to greater comfort and ease. Our apartments feature a private kitchen in each apartment where you can cook your own food purchased (more inexpensively than Hotel room service) at one of the three markets in our neighborhood.

The Proximity Agenda

When travelling, for whatever reason, you would wish to visit the city’s popular spots and tourist attractions. Furthermore, when you stay at a our furnished rental, you will be travelling around independently, thus it is essential that you stay in close proximity to public transportation. Therefore, consider the location of the short term rental carefully before you reserve it for your visit.

When to Book and Other Considerations

Short term rentals, especially when in cities like Boston, Paris, or London, are never easily available, so you should consider planning and booking well in advance. Begin your research as soon as possible, and book the rental at least 2 months before you plan to visit.

Lastly, a major factor you should consider when staying at a short-term rental is that they are often located in areas where people live full time, and you will have to be respectful, in addition to being careful that you do not disturb your neighborhood’s quiet and peace. When traveling to Boston, whether you are a medical practitioner, researcher or business person, get in touch with CAJ House for beautiful, comfortable, and furnished rentals.


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