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September Temporary Relocation


Tales from Boston: The September 1st Relocation saga

Boston is a perpetually young city, vibrant and captivating, and is constantly in a state of flux. Ever teeming with the students from the 7 high profile universities in the Greater Boston area, including Harvard and MIT, it is perhaps no surprise that the city always seems incredibly busy. Yet, the changes that Boston undergoes through are at no time more apparent than at September 1st – the move in, move out day in Beantown.

The Chain Reaction

Now, while change is good at times, and can even be exciting, once nearly half a city the size of Boston decides on relocating into new homes on one particular day of the year, the resulting scenario can be chaotic at best.
Consider that a lot of apartments change hands at this time of the year. Now imagine that you are ready to move, and have perhaps already vacated your current residence, only to find out that the existing tenant in your new apartment has not moved out yet – and will not be able to for at least a day. The result: a chain reaction, with chaos, panic, and a frantic search for short term accommodation the most prominent links.

To Diffuse the Situation

So, why not avoid the whole predicament – and not even allow it to be a probability – by relocating temporarily to an apartment on a short term basis? CAJ House offers affordable, furnished apartments in two of the city’s most ideal locations for exactly these types of situations. You can prevent an extremely messy chain reaction from taking place, diffusing the situation before it becomes highly problematic, and spend an entire week or two living in comfort at one CAJ House’s beautifully furnished apartments in the bargain.

Moving in Comfort

Next September 1st then, avoid all the hassle and the panic, and book your short term rental from the last week of August to the first week of September. Some moving companies in Boston even offer storage for your belongings. You can pay them, and they will keep all your possessions safe in their secured company parking.
The Athens of America is a city meant to be lived in fully – for every moment to be enjoyed and cherished. It certainly has plenty to offer, from restaurants with exquisite cuisine to galleries aplenty and from delightfully unique shops to a variety of other attractions. Do not let the heartache of September 1st get to you, and move into a short term rental from CAJ House.

Relocation: plan temporary life in between homes


Relocation planning to avoid the blues

Like many of our guests you are in between homes. You sold your home, found a new one, hired a contractor and are now chomping at the bit to get into your new home. In between you come to us looking for an interim place to live.  The  initial request for a stay with us is typically one month: it is apparent that this is what most contractor estimate it will take to redo your fabulous kitchen or bath or both. The one month ends up morphing into two and sometimes three months. This comes as a shock to you… By the time you, our guest, request an extension on your stay, we usually booked the apartment you are staying in and you end up traumatized again having to move out or within CAJ House: an added inconvenience within a larger one. As a practicing contractor for 28 years, I understand why this happens. Contractors rely on sub-contractors and material suppliers to complete their work. A typical kitchen will require at least 12 different subcontractors and material suppliers. Add up the cabinet makers, granite counter makers, plumber, electrician, appliance suppliers, tile suppliers, etc and you can see that a time slip on one delivery lets say the counter, will delay the plumber and electrician. One day delivery slip becomes one week if that plumber cannot install that sink in that new counter. To avoid having to move within your move to CAJ House, my advice is always add one third to half to a contractor time estimate. If you do this in advance of your stay with us, you will avoid one more anxiety: having to move out of your temporary housing while out of your final home. If it turns out you hired the best contractor in the world and he/she finishes her job on time, I will buy you a Prosecco bottle and if you do not need the extra stay, you can relax and enjoy a drink on us.

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