SoWa – South End artist community

SoWa – South End’s Own Artist Community

Discover artistry in South End

Boston, Massachusetts, is a city of many flavors, a range of colors, and a delightfully varied array of tastes, sounds, and sights. It offers a bit of everything to everyone, so that no one feels left out, and all are left completely forever and enchanted by it. The SoWa district in Boston’s South End neighborhood is just one such flavor, yet it is in itself an enriched mixture of unique aromas and essences.

The SoWa District

Short for ‘South of Washington’ – a name coined by Mario Nicosia, president of GTI properties – SoWa has undergone a recent renaissance, reinventing itself to emerge as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in all of Boston. Entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and developers continue to flock into SoWa, attracted by the unique opportunities on offer, and to experience the rich and vibrant lifestyle.

SOWA abandoned warehouse

SOWA abandoned warehouse circa 2001, today artist lofts

Where once you would find warehouses and mills by the score, crafting shoes, pianos, and canned goods, among other merchandise, you can now find rows of unique shops full of exotic imports, art galleries, design studios – both graphic and interior, marketing agencies, aesthetically designed modern residential lofts, and a range of creative businesses. And it is these residences that CAJ House offers to you as affordable short term rentals, in close proximity to everything that the historic South End has to offer.

Of Rentals and Things to Do

CAJ House offers furnished apartments to professionals – business, medical, and academic – who visit Boston, for a variety of reasons, and require residence at short term rentals. If you wish open a new business in the city, or are visiting as an academic guest, or if you’re a budding artist with dreams of representing your paintings or sculptures in one of SoWa’s galleries, get in touch CAJ House to ensure that your stay in Boston is comfortable and enjoyable.

Now, once you are settled into a thoughtfully furnished apartment,

View of modern design furnished apartment

Designer lofts and apartments in new South End

and have spent a refreshingly exhausting day exploring business opportunities or offering your medical services, you will want to recharge, and the SoWa district offers to you everything you will need to do exactly that. There are 36 restaurants that you can sample, including B & G Oysters and Barbara Lynch’s Butcher shop, which are part of one of the most successful restaurant empires, as well as the Hamersley’s Bistro, and the Cinquecento Roman Trattoria. If you’re not in the mood for a cuisine exploration, even then, you can always plan your future restaurant visit in SoWa while you relax for the evening and cook in a CAJ House rental.

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