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Tales from Boston: A Restaurant to Remember

There are plenty of attractions in Boston, including art galleries, museums, performing arts centers, and plenty of shopping opportunities too. The greatest attractions though, are perhaps the restaurants in Boston, and eminent among them for nigh on 27 years, has been Hamersley’s Bistro. Yet, it is no longer to continue, for the world famous Gordon Hamersley has decided, at long last, to hang up his hat for good.

Yes, as unfortunate as it is, Hamersley’s Bistro will be closing soon, and so will end the saga of one of the greatest restaurants the city of Boston has ever known.

Peak in restaurant

Gordon Hamersley

However, not all is lost and forlorn. For there was a time, when South End was home to merely two decent restaurants, and they were Icarus and Calypso. Then Calypso shut down, and the opening of Hamersley’s was actually a time of disappointment for South End Pioneers, as it opened in the space previously occupied by Calypso, which was one of the only good places to hang out at for an evening.

Hamersley’s Bistro proved everyone wrong though, and quickly established itself as a restaurant of note, and became famous for its delectable offerings – a truly delightful mix of American and Italian and French cuisine. So great was the impact of Hamersley’s in fact, that half a dozen and more restaurants cropped up nearby over the next few years, and transformed South End into the epicenter of culinary experimentation and high brow eating in all of Boston.
Today, there are 36 restaurants in South End which earned it the title restaurant row. And it all started when Gordon Hamersley decided to give the neighborhood a chance, and opened his bistro on Tremont Street.
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