FAQ about CAJ House

I am coming to Boston for a weekend; can I stay at CAJ House?
Unfortunately CAJ House’s short term accommodations are set up for stays of 4 weeks or longer. When our calendar allows, we allow guests to stay for one week only but that is the shortest length of stay possible.  The majority of our guests are professionals seeking short-term or corporate housing in Boston.

What time is check-in?
Check-in time is between 3:00 – 6:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. Saturday arrivals may arrange to pick up keys by contacting us.    NO SUNDAY CHECK-INS.     Arrivals between 6 PM to 8 PM can sometimes be arranged with the management: additional fees will apply.

What time is check-out?
Check-out time is 10:30 AM EST. If check-out is not completed by 11:00 A.M. of the departure day, we will charge what it costs us to set up next arriving guest in a nearby 4 star hotel (including our time to find such alternative accommodation).

Do you offer daily maid service?
CAJ House offers self catering apartments which are complete with clean linens at arrival like a hotel. But we are not a Hotel with daily room service – we provide short term housing in Boston – it is the guest’s responsibility to keep the apartment clean. Light housekeeping is offered as an extra service upon request and will be accomplished in the way you may expect in a top furnished apartments in Boston.

Do you offer room service?
Because CAJ House is a self service apartment service, we do not offer dining facilities on site for these types of services. Guests seeking to purchase food at a supermarket can do so at Shaw’s Supermarket at the Prudential Center or Whole Foods Market near Symphony Hall. There are also several restaurants and convenience stores in the neighborhood.

Can I connect multiple devices (computer, ipad, cell phone, to your wireless network?    Can I “stream” movies? Can I use internet accessed game consoles?     Because we are providing a free, wireless, but a shared connection, please be aware that the more devices are connected, the less bandwidth is available to others in our guest house. We offer full speed up to 90 – 100 gigabytes per month to each room. Once this threshold has been reached, your connection speed will throttle to half or one quarter.

How many people can stay with me in my apartment?
Studios at our Tremont Street and Worcester Street locations are limited to 2 occupants. Our published rate is for one occupant. Extra occupant is $30 x night.  Additional mattress / bed and linens may be requested for a set up charge of $100.

Are children allowed? What is your pet policy?
In order to maintain an environment of quiet enjoyment for all of our guests, CAJ House does not recommend children under the age of twelve. No Pets, sorry.

How much does it cost to stay at CAJ House?
Our fully-furnished apartment vary in rates by size and time of year. 2016 rates are $650, to $850 x week for a 3 week or longer stay depending on size and floor location of apartment. Shorter stays are priced higher!

Are bikes allowed?
We are happy you choose to travel around Boston in an environmentally safe and healthy way!  Bikes are not allowed inside apartments. We do provide a specific area in basement area where you can leave bikes in bad weather (boiler room at 45 W and basement hall at 677 T), please ask and we will show you how. During nice weather, we provide a fenced in area outside our property where you can chain your bike: please ask us and we will be happy to show you.

When is the rent due?
Rent is due in full within five days of reservation request approval. Rent is calculated on a weekly basis. We do not pro-rata rent on a daily basis. We request that you prepay the apartment for your full stay in advance of arrival.
After we accept your reservation, please pay the $430 deposit by clicking the PAY NOW button on our reservation page. Once we receive this amount we email you a lease. Please sign the lease and attach it to an email, please follow this by mailing us a check for the balance of the rent at the address we provide in our lease email. You can choose to wire funds into our account: we will send you wiring instructions if you choose this option. The $430 deposit IS REFUNDABLE if you cancel 4 weeks or longer prior to agreed arrival date.

What is included in the rent cost?
All utilities (heat, electrical, water) are included. Digital antenna TV service is also included. Some apartments have different packages than others, depending on the room rate charged.

Is there a  deposit?
Yes, a reservation deposit of $430 is required. Once we receive your rent, we include this deposit towards rent total.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, CAJ House accepts VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Money Order, cash, PAYPAL for rent deposit. Rent must be paid by check if received more than two weeks prior to check in or bank wire or cash.

What is your cancellation policy?
Half of your rent payment is refundable up to 4 weeks prior to your move in date. After such date rent is no longer refundable.

Do I have to clean the apartment when I leave?
No. However we do ask that you clean once every two weeks so grease and dirt do not accumulate and make our cleaning staff double work to clean.  Any damages, missing items, unremoved personal items, trash bags or broken items will be charged to you.

What is your policy about lost items?
CAJ House is not responsible for any damage to or loss of personal property while guests are staying in any of our apartments in Boston. This includes any personal possessions left behind upon departure.

Do you offer parking?
We have limited parking spaces. If you are interested please check with our office. Parking fee is $40 per night $150 x week and $350 x month. Vehicles without parking permission will be towed immediately at owner’s expense. CAJ House is not responsible for injury or damage to any person(s), vehicle(s), or property, while using parking facilities. CAJ House is not responsible for snow removal of parking space, the owner of the car is.

What if I have to leave earlier than I thought?
If the departure date is different from the pre-arranged date, our office must be promptly notified. Make sure your request is in writing and that we confirm in writing that we are able to allow an extension or shortening of your stay. For early departures, guests will be charged the remaining nights of the initial reservation unless office is notified more than 4 weeks in advance and we are able to re-rent your remaining dates at same rate and terms.

All our policies are subject to change without notice.