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Attention to Detail


Attention to Detail: No Afterthought At CAJ House


What attention to detail has to do with providing cozy accommodation for our clients, you might think. Well, it may not but we still do it. In fact, CAJ House prides itself of paying attention to detail in every aspect of its operations, be it the filled salt and pepper dispensers you find on the tables or the pillows on the beds or the curtains on your windows. Even when we were having the premises renovated, we made sure our customers weren’t disturbed in any way. So, in our experience, paying attention to detail translates to topnotch customer service and satisfaction, which is what we aim for.

This is one area of our business where we disregard what our competitors do or don’t do. Our mantra has been fulfilling our clients’ needs and ensuring they leave with a smile on their faces and we achieve this through taking care of the small things which don’t seem like much but do affect the overall experience you enjoy while staying at CAJ House. Nothing is an afterthought here. We carefully deliberate each and every aspect before we make decisions, virtually guaranteeing a consistent level of quality and customer satisfaction.

One area where we have placed special emphasis is comfort. This is the reason we have our own custom-made pillows. In fact, it is our employees who make them right here. As you can see in the image below, Javier is working on the cover for the pillows. From selecting the right fabric, including factoring color, patterns and texture, to stitching and putting them on the pillows, we do it all ourselves, right here at the CAJ House. Hence, it is extremely pleasing to hear clients’ compliment us on the color coordination of our rooms. After all, not just the carpets but the pillow covers colors work with the drapes.

Custom fabric and pillows being made

Custom fabric and pillows being made 

Finished Pillows

Finished Pillows










These are the things we focus on to ensure our clients return to us whenever they are in Boston. Over the years, we have learned that it is the small things which matter the most. When we put in the extra effort, our clients notice it and appreciate it, like with the pillow covers. We are confident none of our competitors in the area pay as much attention to detail as we do, resulting in an overall better experience for our clients. We approach every aspect of our operations the way we deal with our clients: complete attention to detail and nothing is an afterthought.


Completed Apartment Three at Tremont Street

Completed Apartment Three at Tremont Street



Contractor wifi troubles


Contractor shreds connections, brain repairs them.


wifi at CAJ guest house

Last week we renovated the doors and trims of our most popular CAJ House Worcester Street furnished apartments: 8W and 9W.

Anticipating there could be parallel and unforeseen collateral damages, I made a point to inform our contractors to stay away from the ethernet cable that connect our lower floor guests (apartment 1W and 2W) to the internet via a hard wired access point in downstair hallway. I showed them the sketch I enclose above. This shows how cables carrying our internet connection in hall where doors to apartments 8 and 9 are, run around door trims, down stairs under carpet to lower access point (we have two access points hard-wired two floors above the router and two floors below so that there our wifi is seamless throughout 45 Worcester Street).

When contractors finished work (which was excellent, by the way), I inspected and found all trim elegantly installed, doors crisp, I also checked and internet wifi was working fine… upstairs…

Unfortunately two days later I received calls from our lower floor guests about spotty internet access. I tested our access points: above apartment 8 and 9 all seemed to work. Downstairs, near apartments 1 and 2 there was intermittent service: every five minutes to ten minutes, the connection would drop for a few seconds… If you ever use Skype, you know how annoying that can be: intermittency of a few seconds is long enough to interrupt your phone call. Very frustrating.

I re-examined all our visible wires, router,  access points and could not figure out what the problem was.

Until my brain made a curious connection.

As part of my testing, I was loading youtube videos and assessing how long the wifi interruptions were. After the nth wifi hiccup, I noticed the lower level access point started blinking (meaning disconnecting) at the same time one of our guests walked up the steps upstairs near apartments 8 and 9. Coincidence? I had to investigate this further… I asked Javier who works with me to walk up and down the step and each time he did, the wifi access point would blink a disconnect signal… BINGO my brain’s random or precise connections had directed me to the problem!

This is what I was able to determine: our ethernet wire to our downstairs access point, passes under the second step to the landing of apartment 8W and 9W (see drawing above). I checked the section of ethernet cable wire which was invisible to me until then (it was stapled under the carpet runner covering the stair step to the landing in front of apartments 8 and 9).  I found the wires plastic casing was shredded and all connections were literally hanging by a thread… each time a weight such as a foot flexed the wood to which the ethernet cable was stapled the cable would stretch enough to disconnect… from there it was an easy fix: we removed all the old wire and installed new ethernet cable from router to access point. My contractors must have pulled the wire while removing the old trims around the doors and never noticed that the stretching was enough to rip the cable casing and pull a few copper connections loose. After two days of inconclusive searching, a wonderful random brain connection between a guest climbing stairs, a blinking light made my guests and me very happy.

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