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Saratoga Street Landscaping


111 Saratoga Street today


Javier from my office did a little landscaping…

Landscaping Saratoga Street

111 Saratoga Street


How it looked yesterday…

Landscaping Saratoga Street

111 Saratoga Street yesterday

Fall window decorations


Fall window decorations

Another summer has ended. We are sad. But also excited by the prospect of Halloween and Thanksgiving: two great times to be in Boston. Julia and Javier and I have spent the afternoon decorating our office and front windows with fall foliage decorations. We love oranges, wheat color and dark reds of foliage.

See the results and come visit our furnished apartments at CAJ House.

Window decorations, flowers, our Tremont Street window storefront

Window decorations

Interior decorating


White linens, red flowers and pillowsPillows, Flowers and plant decorations are what makes an already beautiful interior warm and welcoming. Yulia at CAJ House loves decorating our furnished apartments, here are the results in apartment 4T.

This is what the overview looks like:

4T Overview

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